Wood Boring Beetles

One of the Wood Destroying Organisms that we deal with in the Sacramento and surrounding areas is the Wood Boring Beetle. There are many species and families of Wood Boring Beetles, there are three that are the most common when considering Sacramento Pest Inspections: the long-horned beetle, the bark beetle and weevils.  When these insects appear on a termite inspection report the primary recommendation for treatment is fumigation. Other methods of treatment include: local or spot treatment with a registered chemical, freeze treatment and heat treatment.  These insects can be difficult to discover- even for an experienced inspector. The most common condition associated with Wood Boring Beetles is a high humidity level- often due to a poorly ventilated subarea.

The damage that these insects can do can be significant if left untreated as shown by the picture below:

Wood Boring Beetles Sacramento

It is important to understand that these insects can be treated and typically prevented by taking the necessary steps to eliminate excessive moisture conditions. As is the case with all insects, we have never eliminated any species, so it is best to plan on taking control measures if you have or have had them at your property.

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