Winter Weather

When the weather turns in Sacramento our business can get very busy. Rain and wind and sometimes snow present challenges for homes in this market as they do in others as well. Given that we have such prolonged periods of hot dry weather; it’s when it rains that new deficiencies will often present themselves in the form of leaks. We look at thousands of properties over the course of a year, for about 8-10 of those months we are observing them in dry conditions. As building expand and contract over the course of a year due to weather and settling cracks and crevices can form- and when the rain hit, water can make its way to areas that it isn’t supposed to go. When this happens many people want to contact their inspection company for answers. The best inspection companies in town can miss imperfections over time, but it is also advisable to remember that new conditions can also present over time- and someone “missing it” isn’t always the case. 

For us, we get busier due to the nature of our work- its outside. Inspecting homes, treating for termites and repairing dry rot are all primarily outside jobs. When we get inspection requests and repair requests we go to work- the first place that we look is the weather forecast. Due to our line of work being predicated on real estate transactions we don’t always get to choose when and where we work- hence, we work in the rain when we have to. This time of year really puts an emphasis on communication- sometimes jobs and inspections need to be completed on a rainy day, but others they don’t- and when they don’t we like to pivot to either another day or just focus on the interior work. For us, not exposing parts of properties that aren’t meant to be exposed to weather is a priority, we also prefer to inspect in non-rainy conditions to make sure that we are inspecting with as few distractions as possible. 

With that said, if you are a potential homebuyer looking to take advantage of winter buying conditions, or a REALTOR scheduling inspections or repairs- keep in mind that the wet conditions pose challenges and being as far out in front of potential setbacks, like rain and inclement weather, will only help you to keep your business less stressful. 

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