Why is it that my Termite Inspector can bid to make repairs, yet my Home Inspector cannot?

Why is it that my Termite Inspector can bid to make repairs, yet my Home Inspector cannot?This is a very common question that we at North American Home Services & North American Termite are asked. The answer can be rather simple and at the same time confusing. Many home inspectors are indeed licensed general contractors, while ALL termite companies that bid repair work are licensed general contractors.  One of the largest reasons for the termite companies to perform inspections and bid for repairs is that they are closely regulated by the structural pest control board- a state board that covers all 3 branches of pest control (Branch 1- fumigation, branch 2 general pest control & branch 3- Wood Destroying Organisms).

The most basic explanation that I can provide for why termite companies can bid and perform repair work to damage that they discovered is that they cannot “create” the damage that they discover- meaning to say, there either is dry rot, fungus or other wood destroying organisms at a location or there is not. The industry is closely monitored by the SPCB- they require the companies to be licensed and bonded and can launch an investigation with little notice. Wood destroying organisms can be very destructive to a property is not eliminated or remediated since they are living organisms that will continue to grow.

The scope of a home inspection is considerably different from the scope of a pest inspection- where a WDO inspection is to identify wood destroying organisms and conducive conditions to WDO’s the Home Inspection is designed to be a much more of a home performance evaluation. A thorough home inspection will cover basic functionality of the major systems that make up a home. It is our experience that the best home inspectors detect defects and then refer to specific trade parties for exact diagnosis of substandard performance of the components that make up a home.

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