What kind of Wood Destroying Organisms do we deal with in the Greater Sacramento area?

What kind of Wood Destroying Organisms do we deal with in the Greater Sacramento area?

Sacramento is a very warm and dry environment. Given the dry air and extreme temperatures in the summer we are left with a unique combination of termites that we deal with on a regular basis. As shown in the picture below, the more humidity that is in a geographic area the more termites can be a problem. The further north in the US that you go the less danger of very heavy infestation you risk.

US Termite InfestationIn Sacramento we most often find subterranean termites– “subs” as we refer to them. As described by the name, subterranean termite colonies live below the surface of the earth. The Queen never leaves her eggs and as the colony grows and becomes established, its sole purpose is to support the queen. Treatment for sub typically involves injecting a termiticide into the soil surrounding an infested structure. The termiticide is an odorless, non detouring substance designed to stick to the body of the termite and to be transferred to the queen. All termites in the colony have contact with the queen everyday. Within a week or two of being contacted by the termiticide, the queen will die along with her colony.

Unfortunately, for property owners subterranean termites are not the only termites and WDO’s that we deal with in the Sacramento area. To a far lesser degree we also deal with Dry Wood Termites and Wood Boring Beetles. Dry Wood Termites and Beetles actually live inside of the wood that they infest. These two WDO’s are very difficult to discover and conceal the evidence of their presence well. It is necessary to have an abnormally high moisture content in the space that these WDO’s exist, and in order to eradicate these the moisture source will need to be controlled in addition to treatment for the WDO. The primary recommendation for treating these two WDO’s is fumigation- three days for Drywood termites and five days for Wood Boring Beetles. Newer products to the market have allowed for “localized” treatment to infested and adjacent areas, however due to the difficulty of discovering these WDO’s fumigation and moisture control will always be the preferred method of eradication.

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