We Love A Rainy Day

pest control in the winter or rainMany people wonder, “Is there a need to do pest control in the winter?” Rain can drive ants and other recurring invading insects into the home seeking drier weather. This can also be a time when rodents seek shelter as well. This is an important time to have pest control especially in Sacramento where it rains heavily during these times. To control ants and other invaders is important even during the bad season.

The common perception in the public is they pay per spray. While payments coincide with a spraying frequency, the most important thing people pay for with pest control is the protection of their home similar to a warranty. If there are problem in between services, North American Home Services will come out at no cost to the homeowner to handle their pest problem.

Another question people often have is, “Can you treat with the rain?” We have access to materials that are designed to be used in the wet weather and are even activated by the rain. These materials are designed to stay where the product is needed the most. So rain and wet weather is not a problem for us.

So if you are on service with North American Home Service or planning on going on service with us, no need to worry about the winter or the bad weather. Whether you are in Sacramento or Roseville, we will take care of you and control your ants and other pests.




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