Truth in Pest Control

The Pest Control Industry has many different facets. California is one of the most compartmentalized and regulated states in the union. DPR (Department of Pesticide Regulation) does an excellent job at monitoring our industry.  I am not writing this to demonize any of these industries contained within the term pest control. My intent is to simply point out the differences between the departments and how they affect you as a home or business owner and maybe give you some peace of mind when it comes to pesticide exposure around your home and businesses.

North American Home Services is considered a structural pest control company, meaning that we treat structures and outbuildings for pests. We cannot and do not however treat fields or food commodities for pests. That is considered Agricultural pest control. After 15 years in this industry and being familiar with pesticide regulations for our state, it is my opinion that the structural portion of the industry is much more regulated than the agricultural side of the industry. Their use of pesticides is less noticeable and therefore less scrutinized than our applications.

Earlier today I came across an article with a very telling story about agricultural pesticide usage in California. If you compare the information in the story to the information from our structural pest control experts at you can see a major difference in the focus of our legislators. Pesticides can and should be used in a responsible manner no matter what the application site. I encourage you to view both of these websites and come to your own conclusions.

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