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Good Life Pest InspectionsGood Life Pest Solutions
4.9 Stars - Based on 73 User Reviews
Good Life Pest SolutionsGood Life Pest Solutions
5 Stars - Based on 54 User Reviews
Lynn H.Lynn H.

This is a mid-point update on the pest saga at 2 houses:

Josh called me about my review. I do appreciate that he followed up. I had my Mother-In-Law call... Read More

Steve LanziSteve Lanzi

Good Life is my go-to for personal residence, my rentals and the 1,000+ clients of RentPros Property Management. Great communication, fair prices and good work!

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1A Garage Doors I.1A Garage Doors I.

Great company. We work a lot with Good Life Pest Solutions on replacing the bottom weather seals (www.1agaragedoors.net) whenever they have any pest... Read More

Bessianna RobinsonBessianna Robinson

Gene is great! He's been servicing my home since June 2022. Amazing customer service skills and very knowledgeable. I have a spider issue at my home - sometimes yellow jacket wasps. He ensures I have no webs or wasp hives around.

Tech, Dimitry M., serviced my home and pointed out a leak from outside. He assumed it may be an HVAC leak and advise I have someone come look at it. Sure enough, I looked into the issue and found that the sprinkler system in my home cracked in the attic. The builders completed the repair over a 3 week period. If Dimitry didn't point this out, I would've had a massive leak because it was on the verge of bursting. So I truly appreciate Dimitry having concern about the leak he seen on the side of my home.

The admin assistant, Carisa, is amazing! She handles all my requests immediately and always provides great verbal or written communication.

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Pat DePat De

Donald has always given us outstanding service. He is very thorough with treating my property and always friendly. I always get a reminder notice of my service date which I really appreciate. I’m extremely happy with the service I receive.

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Brandi AtkinsonBrandi Atkinson

I have been working with Pete and Josh and I can honestly say that I would highly recommend Good Life Pest Solutions! Good Life is professional, timely and provides exceptional work!

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Peter P.Peter P.

Ricardo Cazares of Good Life Pest Solutions is great to work with. Very nice, punctual careful, thorough and professional. And he can do both termite and... Read More

Peter ParkerPeter Parker

Ricardo Cazares of Good Life Pest Solutions is great to work with. Very nice, punctual, careful, thorough and professional. And he can do both termite and rodent inspections! He's earned my trust and continues to show why with every job. Six months ago he was careful, thorough and detail oriented enough to find a beetle infestation that another company had overlooked in the crawl space of a home that my clients wanted to buy, and even thought they sellers thought they were on the verge of having a clear pest report after another pest company had tented and fumigated the home to kill termites they'd seen, they had not fumigated it long enough to kill the beetles! So our inexpensive 2nd opinion inspection saved my clients at least $28k of repairs, not to mention the more extensive damage that would have accumulated over the years until another inspector went down in the crawl space. WOW!

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