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The WDO Inspection


The first step toward protecting your home in the greater Sacramento area from termites is a thorough inspection. When you call North American Home Services (NAHS) our state licensed inspector will respond promptly. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home, examining your home from top to bottom. In addition to termites, the inspector will also be looking for fungus and water damage. These conditions could lead to future problems such as plumbing leaks and earth to wood contacts. If problems are found, our inspector will provide you with a written report and show you the location of any active infestation found. We will also point out any areas of dry rot or fungus damage and provide you with recommendations for the proper treatment and/or repair program tailored specifically to your home. Following the inspection we will present the estimated cost to take care of any problems found.

Findings and Pest Control Treatments


The first step in eliminating these problems is a complete understanding of the pest or organism that is causing the damage. North American Home Services has the knowledge and expertise to combat any wood destroying pest or organism in your home.

Real Estate Pofessionals

Who needs a WDO Inspection?

  1. Buyers who are making an investment into a home.
  2. New homeowners who are nearing the end of their one-year warranty with the builder.
  3. Sellers who are planning to list a property for sale.
  4. Current Homeowners who want to keep up on general maintenance

Why North American Home Services?

Choosing the right termite company is a critical decision in the home-buying process. Many people choose a WDO inspection service based solely on price. With NAHS you will not only receive a fair price, you will receive great value. NAHS performs thorough termite inspections. A sample report can be viewed on this website to give you an idea of the depth of the inspection.

Additionally, the home inspectors are recognized by returning clients for their superior customer service approach. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about the business, they are personable and take the time to verbally explain items on the report to his customers.

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