Termite Swarm Season

Termite Swarm Season SacramentoTermite swarm season is quickly approaching the Sacramento Valley. Given the heavy rain of the winter and the warming weather, as an industry, we are expecting a very busy “swarm season” this year. In Sacramento, due to our mostly dry environment we deal with subterranean termites more often than any other wood destroying pest. We occasionally will find wood boring beetles as well as Drywood termites- when a condition that allows for the right amount of humidity in the air- typically a confined space.

Subterranean termites live below the ground, in the dark. They build intricate mud tubes that provide them with the perfect temperature and humidity combination to work. The primary responsibility of the colony is to keep the queen alive. The Queens primary responsibility is to keep growing the colony.  Provided wood (cellulose) and moisture source termites colonies can thrive. They do not like interaction with anything other than their colony- especially their main nemeses, people and ants.

As much as we want to believe that termites are bad, they really are essential to the global ecology. In forests and other wooded areas termite are paramount in the breaking down of organic materials and replenishing the earth with nutrients. Like all insects, to the best of our knowledge, we as humans have never successfully eradicated any species of insect to date- so the plan for dealing with the problems that termites can cause to our homes is more one of prevention and/ or protection. We recommend at a minimum bi-annual termite inspections– if noting else, peace of mind can be an incredibly valuable thing!

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