Termite swarm season in the Greater Sacramento Area

The Greater Sacramento Area has a unique combination of elements that can support various species of termites. Primarily, we deal with subterranean termites but we sometimes discover drywood termites, woodboring beetles and we recently found dampwood termites on a property.

Various termites “swarm” at different times of the year. As we move in to spring, we find ourselves in subterranean swarm season. “Swarm” refers to the time of year that the reproductive termites look to “spread their wings” (literally) and establish new colonies. For subs, they begin building, what we in the industry refer to as, castles. These castles hold moisture and termites that are genetically programmed to reproduce and start a new colony. Once the termites sense the perfect humidity level in the air they break out of these castles in search of a new food source to establish a new colony in.

In our area, this typically happen a day or two after a heavy rain on a day that breaks 75 degrees. Due to the Sacramento climate being relatively dry, it requires the rain to create humidity. Given the demand of such a specific humidity level, in Sacramento, we typically experience subterranean swarms over just a few days.

The drywood swarm season requires very similar conditions, however, it typically happens in the fall, not the spring.

If you find a sudden outbreak of what can appear to be “flying ants” there is a good chance that you are experiencing a termite swarm. If this happens, call your local Sacramento WDO (termite) company and they will provide a plan to eliminate any potential infestation.

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