Termite Inspections and Wood Destroying Organisms Report

Often times a termite inspection is thought to be just that, an inspection for termites. While our team of inspectors at North American Home Services in Sacramento are experts in their field they do not only look for termites, they are also required by the State of California to identify all wood destroying organisms, including but not limited to carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, termites and wood decay fungi and any condition that is conducive to the before mentioned wood destroying organisms. The WDO report can carry a lot of weight when considering real estate in the CA, not only do property owners and potential buyers desire the information contained in a Wood Destroying Organisms Report, but also the CA Structural Pest Control Board and often times lenders (especially VA and FHA) depend on the information contained in a WDO Report.

While it is often referred to as a “termite inspection, “or a “pest inspection” the proper name for the inspection is, in fact, Wood Destroying Organisms Report. There are a few different types of reports that fall under the umbrella of WDO the most common being an Original Report. The original report is a complete inspection of a property, interior, exterior as well as substructure (crawl space, basement etc). For real estate purposes, this is the most common type of inspection and typically the only one that lenders will accept. The Limited Report is designed to be able to identify WDO’s in a specific area of a home- an interior closet or a specific exterior wall of a home. Limited inspections are typically not recommended for real estate transactions. Finally, a supplemental report is issued when areas that were previously deemed inaccessible are made accessible, regardless of there being findings in these areas if an original report calls for further inspection no inspection company takes on any liability for these areas until they have fully inspected.

It is always recommended to do research before selecting a “pest” company for your WDO inspection needs. Experience matters, so be sure to go with a company with a proven history and positive reviews. It is never recommended to go with the cheapest inspection company, especially when it comes to making a decision on an investment such as a home!

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