Ordering a Termite Inspection in Sacramento

There are many benefits of ordering Termite Inspections. From peace of mind to preparation for sale of a home to quantifying deferred maintenance of a home prior to purchase there are numerous reasons for a WDO or “pest” inspection. The termite inspection (and Pest Control, for that matter) Industry is governed by the Structural Pest Control Board in the state of California. The SPCB provides all testing and issuing of licenses for inspectors. At North American Home Services we refer to our termite inspectors as Branch III Field representatives. Branch III refers to the sector of the Structural Pest Control Act dealing with wood destroying organisms (WDO’s). There are two more sectors- Branch I, which deals with fumigations and branch II which covers General Pest Control.

When ordering Termite Inspections it is important to understand that your Branch III Field Representative is looking for WDO’s specifically, they will not identify ants, spiders, rodents or any other general pest. It is recommended to have a WDO inspection every few years to make sure that your home is not in danger of becoming infested. Termites are accountable for millions of dollars in damage to homes every year, in fact they do three times more damage in the US than natural disasters every year.

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