Termite Inspection Preparedness

Every month there are more than 1000 Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspections performed in and around Sacramento. These inspections are important for a magnitude of reasons including homeowner concern over pests and wood destroying organisms and also for disclosure purposes in real estate transactions. The WDO report is in place to identify active infestations of WDO’s and also conditions that are conducive to infestation and or infection.  These reports also detail areas that are inaccessible to inspection or require action complete further inspection.

The Structural Pest Control Board recognizes three “sections” when classifying findings on a WDO report. The first is a section one item- section one items refer to an active infestation, meaning that there is either active fungal growth or infection, dry rot or evidence of termite or beetle activity. A section two item refers to conducive conditions, meaning items that if left unresolved have the potential to become a section one item. Section three  means that the inspector is not able to render an opinion without seeing more. This can mean that stored or personal items need to be moved to allow access or can also mean that there is indication that a finding exists but cannot be determined without removing materials (such as sheetrock that indicates a mater leak).

Anybody who is having a WDO inspection performed can best prepare their property for an inspection by following these instructions: make any/all subarea and attic accesses readily available. Make sure that they are not blocked and are of accessible size. One of the most common problems that is seen when inspecting is garages that are inaccessible due to storage, it is important that the inspector be able to see the foundation wall around the entire garage interior to perform a thorough inspection. Keep the dogs locked up and make sure that gates are not locked. The inspector will need to go inside the house as well, keep this in mind so that you aren’t caught off guard.

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