Termite Bait Stations- What’s the deal?

Termite Inspection SacramentoIn Sacramento, relative to termite inspections, termite bait stations are being seen more and more often. You might ask, “What’s a termite bait station?” Termite bait stations are devices that are installed in the ground surrounding a home or structure. They are loaded with chemicals that are proven to be safe for the environment but deadly and also attractive to termites. Simply put, they are designed to attract and kill termites before they find the home. The installation of termite bait stations is regulated by the installation instructions for the various products, as in most cases regarding structural pest control “the label is the law” meaning that the manufacturer must provide the guidelines for the safest and most effective installation measures.

When considering the purchase of a home, a home with termite bait stations is only as valuable as the technician who is servicing the stations. It is paramount that all stations are monitored regularly (typically once per quarter). This will ensure that the stations are not depleted of termiticide and will also provide the peace of mind to the homeowner that they truly are paying for. It is recommended that if termite activity is discovered in a bait station that a complete inspection is performed on the structure, the fact of the matter is, if they are in the station it is possible (thought not likely) that termites can or have found the home.

The University of Kentucky has posted a fantastic article for homeowners to understand and maintain their termite bait systems. It is of our opinion that if purchasing a home in the Sacramento area that is on termite monitoring bait systems, that the new homeowner maintain the service or system. Many times these systems are installed as a preventative maintenance practice after a termite chemical eradication has been performed.

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