Home Town? North Lake Tahoe, CA

Where did you go to high school? North Tahoe High School

Where did you go to college? American River College & National Career Education Medical School

Where do you live now? Natomas, CA

What was your first job? Superior Court Clerk assistant, Division 14, Tahoe City

When did you get married? Sept 04, 2011

How many kids, and gender? Two precious girls, the air that I breath and the reason for my existence

How long have you worked in pest control? Since 2008, At North American Home Services since August 2010

What is your favorite part of your job? Helping customers and assuring them that the problem they are having, we can fix.  Making them go from panic mode to calm when they know we are here to help them.

Any other professional achievements? I am a register medical assistant, phlebotomist, first responder, professional photographer, licensed field representative branch III pest control, I was in junior Olympics in 1996 for gymnastics and trained with the USA Olympic team before I retired, I was all start/all state in Volleyball and Softball in high school and got recruited to play college volleyball when I was a Junior/Senior in high school.

Hobbies? Photography, playing sports (volleyball, softball) and my favorite, playing with my 2 girls