Supplemental Inspections

ver the past few months our business has been busy, to say the least. We expect it, we know that late spring through summer represent the “busy season” in the Real Estate business. For us, we have to figure out how to be staffed accordingly from answering the phones to performing inspections to scheduling and completing dry rot repairs and termite treatments. It’s our favorite time of year, the days fly by and the energy that we feel from our team and our clients is infectious! With all the good that comes from the busy season, we also deal with some obstacles- the one that we have had the most conversations around of late are when a supplemental finding and reports are issued. 

Supplemental findings are those that are discovered following an original inspection. Sometimes they are discovered after the occupant moves out and many times they come about during the course of repairs (for example- when siding is removed to be replaced and extensive dry rot to the framing is made viewable). Regardless of how, why or even when the supplemental finding comes up it is the termite (WDO) company’s job to disclose. This protects the people involved in the transaction by keeping them up to speed as far as what is going on with the property. Sometimes supplemental findings will bring up the need to negotiate more, which in our world can be a big deal. This is where experience and communication skills become paramount in the real estate process. 

When supplementals come up and a property is in escrow- that means that the clock is ticking (and with advances in technology in the industry, that clock has really started ticking faster!). Its important to understand that there are many moving parts during this process and tension and anxiety can be high, urgency is often of the most importance. As one can probably imagine communication and accountability will be the lynchpins that can make or break a deal. This is where we like to remind everyone involved that yes, this is in fact a road block, but in all good deals all parties come away whole. This brings me to the toughest point of contention when these supplemental reports are issued, more often than Id like to admit finger pointing ensues and the involved parties can lose focus of what is important- that someone wants to buy a home and that someone wants to sell a home (and none of the other interested parties want to end up in a lawsuit). Sometimes clients feel like it is a “bait and switch,” or that a repair company is trying to take advantage of a situation- when in fact that couldn’t be more untrue. Good inspection companies do what they can to identify these situations before they come about, and they do all they can to notify interested parties that these situations can arise. For us, adding the needed time to report, bid and complete the additional repairs (possibly place special orders for products) can really have a difficult ripple effect on the rest of our operations. With that said inspectors cannot see through walls or see the future. 

In a nutshell, our experiences with supplemental reports and findings has ranged from a smooth transition to extremely difficult transactions. What we have learned is that the more all parties stay in communication and trust one another the better the outcome is in the end. We encourage the clients that need the services that we offer to not shop based on price or anything of that nature, but to go with companies and inspectors that have experience- in this business, you cannot put a price tag on piece of mind! 

*If you would like to schedule training or talk more about this topic, please reach out to me at 916.757.0798 or [email protected] and I will be happy to make time!

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