Spring is Winters’ Widow

All winter you and your family have been tossing things out the door, gently placing them in the black hole we all call our garage. Now, as the colossal door slides skyward you realize that black holes do exist and you have found the dark matter! Your memory slides back to last year when you swore this would not happen again. Before you begin to tackle the monumental task before you, here are some words of advice.

Look before you leap:

Although they can be found inside homes, black widows typically are outside, around the home and in clutter. In the garage, they usually make webs by doors, near vents, and in other places where they are guaranteed lots of insect traffic for food. Because most people don’t tolerate large numbers of insects in their living spaces, widow spiders usually won’t find sufficient prey to survive inside homes. Black widows are shy spiders that seek retreats such as a hole between two bricks or a pipe hole in a wall where they can hide during the day and then come out at night.

Be very careful when moving those boxes, bikes and clutter around your garage. Having a year round pest control maintenance program will reduce your risk of a bite in the spring!

If you are bitten look here: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/first-aid-spider-bites/FA00048

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