Showing Love To You…The Customer

If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you service!

Yes, this quote by Maya Angelou was horribly ripped off by yours truly but the message is clear. As service professionals we must commit the best of ourselves to our job because without our customers we have no reason to exist. This is the backbone and true essence of customer service.

Customer service has become a buzz word in today’s business climate thanks to popular media. It is discussed at every board meeting, talked about during the interview process and used as a weapon by employers to terminate employees. But do we actually know why it has become so popular? Is it merely a means to pander to a popular fad or a glimpse at a lack of a deeper moral code we are all meant to possess? I believe it is the later.

The key to the whole idea of customer service or what Clark Howard, famous radio personality, calls “customer no service” is to sympathize with the person on the other end of the phone. We need to remember to smile, listen and above all be empathetic. Remember they are someone’s mom, grandma, grandpa or sister, brother or dad. We don’t know what kind of day they have had or what sort of terrible news they just received. It is simply our responsibility to smile and ask “how can I help make your day a little better?”

At our company we have a “Courtesy System” to ensure that we help to make your day better. This system consists of: product and service integrity, measuring the lifetime value of a customer and realizing that any complaint is a gift. This courtesy system has improved our overall customer service and more importantly increased our customer retention.

So during this month of St. Valentine and in honor of his courtly love to all, we will try to remember to smile even if it is the last one we have in us.

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