Should I have my main drain video inspected?

main sewage drain line video sacramento

Yes, yes, and yes!  There is no way to see what condition your main sewage drain line is in without dropping a video inspection camera down the drain line.  Regardless of the age of your home, you cannot fully divine its condition by running water down the drain.  New home developments have heavy equipment which may run over the drain after construction, or the connections may have never been properly set.  Trees near the drain line only need time and opportunity to invade the drain.  Older homes drains may be manufactured with poorly designed materials that fail over time or reliable materials which may have succumbed to age.

The cheapest insurance and peace of mind you have against potential costly repair or replacement bills is to have the drain line inspected.  Repairs or replacement for sewage drain lines can run from a few hundred dollars to many thousands.  If you are laying out $350 – $600 to have your largest investment inspected by a qualified home inspector, why stop short of completing your own due diligence by not scheduling an inspection of the main drain as well?

Typical costs for video inspections run from $250 to $600.  The inspection is usually quick and easy.  The camera is dropped down a drain clean out port, or down a vent stack from the roof.  In older homes, the toilet may need to be lifted to provide access to the drain.  Most cameras come with a 100 foot cable which can reach the sewer in most cases.  After the inspection a recording of the video is often available.  Once the inspection is complete, you will have greater knowledge of the main drain condition and the repairs, if any, which may be needed.  Ask your home inspection company if they provide this service or work with a plumber who does.

After you purchase your home, it is advisable to continue inspecting the drain with a video camera every few years to keep tabs on its condition.  Any problem detected early may be easily corrected before an expensive solution is needed.

North American Home Services has been providing home inspection services to the greater Sacramento region for over 10 years.  We have completed thousands of inspections on residential and commercial buildings.  Our home inspectors are highly regarded and qualified.  Each is certified through the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and remains current on all aspects related to providing the best home inspection services.

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