Sacramento is Aging!

It’s true! The last housing boom in the Greater Sacramento area ended about 15 years ago.
Until now, when builders are building brand new homes all over the Greater Sacramento area
(and the state and country, for that matter). This is great for us who live here, Sacramento was
an area hit hard by the last economic downturn. Right now we’re seeing equity in homes again
and our market is recovered!

It has become evident to us, on the reconstruction side of business that in the newer home
communities we are seeing as much, if not more damage to these home due to lack of
homeowner maintenance. There are a handful of reasons to explain this:

First off, quality of materials being used, just isn’t what it used to be. Manufacturers have come
up with ways to provide products that are more profitable all the while selling them for less. As
consumers, I feel that we enjoy products being delivered to market at a more affordable cost,
but the fact of the mater is that many of these products lack the longevity of their

Another reason is product scarcity. Especially on the west coast over the past few years we
have seen an upswing in natural disasters- fires, mudslides and earthquakes have caused an
increase in reconstruction in the area thus making quality products more difficult to find.

As you can see factors like these are leading to a higher demand for home maintenance, my
belief is that coming out of the last economic depression, home maintenance was something
that was put on the backburner. We look at homes everyday, and the best advice that we can
give many of the homeowners on a daily basis is to paint your home every 5-7 years- this is, in
our opinion the best way to prevent dry rot and a great way to keep your home feeling, looking
and living like its brand new!

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