Good Life Pest Solutions provides effective termite inspections, pest control solutions, and rodent control services throughout Sacramento County. We’ve made it our goal to protect both your home and your family from the negative effects of pests. Call us today at (916)-481-0278 to request a free evaluation.

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Professional Ant Control Services

Ants in your home or business are no joke. These tiny insects can quickly overtake your home or commercial kitchen, causing chaos everywhere they go. With Good Life Pest Solutions, we can have your property ant-free in no time. Give us a call for a free evaluation today!

We follow three steps when eliminating ants from your property:

  • Identify the type of ant.
  • Locate the nest.
  • Create a customized ant control plan based on type of ant and size of nest.

Effective Rodent Control

Rats, mice, and other rodents can cause overwhelming damage to your Sacramento County home or property. Digging up your lawn, chewing on wires, and tearing through insulation are only a few of the negative effects of these pesky vermin. Take back control of your home with the rodent control solutions from Good Life! If you observe these signs in your home, give us a call today for a free evaluation:

  • Holes in the walls and floors.
  • Waste and droppings from rodents.
  • Chew marks and scratches on doors and furniture.
  • Audible rodent sounds in the walls or attic.

Comprehensive Pest & Termite Control

Thankfully, you have an answer to all your termite, pest, and rodent problems. The team at Good Life Pest Solutions has been evicting these critters from homes across Sacramento County since 1978. We will continue to assist homeowners and business owners with all our pest control solutions:

Serving Sacramento County & Beyond

Contact Good Life Pest Solutions at (916)-481-0278 to request a free evaluation. We provide rodent control, termite inspections, and attic insulation services to Sacramento County and all surrounding counties including Placer County, El Dorado County, and Yolo County, as well as all surrounding cities including Roseville, Lincoln, and Rancho Cordova.