Roof leaks, Water-Stained Sheetrock – and What to do

This picture was taken at a property that we inspected today. The scene in the attic space above this dark staining told the entire story- a few small roof leaks. The extent of the damage may be significant depending on what a mold report reveals. The home where this was discovered was built in 1990- if you’re like me, you’re thinking that that home isn’t nearly old enough to have a roof leak, let alone three! When I took a step back and thought about it, I quickly realized that this home was nearly 30 years old, a tough pill for me to swallow- until I remembered how old I actually am as opposed to how young I think I am. 

On top of that, the home had a tile roof- we expect to see 50-60 years of life out of that type of roof material. It just goes to show- having regular inspections will save money in the long run. Do research, find a company that you are confident in and have them come to give an evaluation of your home. Every time I come across these situations, I’m reminded what my grandpa used to tell me when I started driving a car- maintenance is always cheaper than repair. 

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