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When you have a mouse, rat, or other creature running through your walls or living in your attic, you need to contact the rodent control experts at Good Life Pest Solutions. Since 1978, we’ve been exterminating rodents throughout the Sacramento area. Call us today at (916)-481-0278 to request a free evaluation.

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Signs of a Rodent Infestation Sacramento

Do You Have Rodents in Your Sacramento Home?

Rodents are a dreadful nuisance to homes and businesses in Sacramento. Several types of rodents, like mice and rats can infiltrate your property causing quite a bit of damage. They chew on wires, tear through insulation, and eat anything in their path. If you observe these signs in your home, it’s time to call the rodent pest control team at Good Life Pest Solutions:

  • Rodent waste and droppings.
  • Strong urine odor.
  • Holes in walls, floors, and basement.
  • Scratches and chew marks on doors and furniture.

Practical & Safe Rodent Removal Services

At Good Life Pest Solutions, we do our best to safely yet effectively remove or exterminate rodents from your Sacramento property. We begin by assessing your entire property and then creating a custom-tailored rodent control service plan. Once the rodent control measures are employed, we seal all entry points, preventing any further vermin from entering your home.

Our rodent exterminator methods may include:

  • Snap traps that exterminate stubborn rodents.
  • Live-animal traps that catch the animal and then released away from your property.
  • Electronic traps that shock and immediately destroy the critter.
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Comprehensive Pest Control in Sacramento

When you choose Good Life Pest Solutions, you receive customer service that is second-to-none. Not only do we conduct all pest removal services in-house, we also do so with the utmost respect and professionalism. Experience these advantages and more when you work with us:

  • Family-owned and -operated business that treats each of our customers like family.
  • Known for our thorough and detailed pest and rodent control services.
  • Rodent exterminators that remove animals as humanely as possible.
  • Warranties included with our one-time pest control applications.

Your #1 Choice for Rodent Control Services

Request a free rodent control evaluation by calling us at (916)-481-0278. Since 1978, we’ve been providing several pest control services such as bed bug control, bat control, cockroach extermination, and pest control add-on services. We also offer attic insulation services! We serve Sacramento and the surrounding cities including El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, and Auburn, as well as the surrounding counties including Sacramento County and Placer County.

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