Roaches in bueno!

As a pest control company local to Sacramento,  North American Homes Services deal with an array of issues. One of the most important and prevalent is the cockroach. The common saying is that, “the only thing that will survive a nuclear war is the roaches”. I can tell you that after 12 years of experience in this area, that is not far from the truth.

Often times people will unwittingly bring them home from a store, friends house or restaurant. They hide in the damp corners of their home and breed until you see one on your counter months later. Unfortunately there is a stigma that accompanies the roaches. People assume that a home has to be “dirty” or unkempt to have these little creatures. That could not be farther from the truth.

All roaches need to survive is a damp, dark crevice of your home. We all have them no matter how clean we are! They feed on such a wide variety of foods that they could survive in a royal palace. We have serviced homes in Granite Bay and Rocklin as well as South Sacramento and Folsom. People do not report them quickly because of the stigma. My advice is to get a free inspection if you even suspect that you have them. What could it hurt?

Treating them is another issue. Companies realize the “ike” factor that surrounds cockroaches and they take advantage of that. Charging high initials and offering limited or no warranty for their work. One fact remains, if you do not kill 80% of the infestation on the first visit you will never eliminate the roaches, period! That is also why companies say they will “control” the problem. Do you want control, or do you want them gone?

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