Residential Pest Control

Your home is your castle…

It should be a place of safety and comfort. You should never have to worry about health concerns or embarrassment from pest problems. With North American Termite & Pest Control’s proven protection against pests and termites and the other reliable services we offer, we guarantee to do our part to protect the health and safety of your family. You are our top priority! Our customers are a testimonial to our pride and dedication to customer service. We also believe in our highly trained technicians and staff. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will be around until the job is completed! For a free, no obligation inspection and evaluation of your property and pest issues please give us a call or send us an email. Thank you for over 26 years of support! With NAHS’s Exterior Shield System (ESS), NAHS’s standard pest control service, your home is protected with a proven and guaranteed four-step process:

  1. Inspection: We thoroughly inspect your home to identify conducive conditions that encourage infestations and recommend the most effective control program available for those specific pests.
  2. Interior Prescription Treatment: On the initial service, we pinpoint indoor pest harborage and treat cracks, crevices and voids. The goal: strategically eliminate problems at their source. We only used material approved for interior use.
  3. Perimeter Protection: NATPC will make recommendations to correct areas to block pest access indoors. Then, to help prevent them from re-entering, we establish a protective barrier around the exterior of the home using exterior baits, granules, and other proven products.
  4. Monitoring and Prevention: As the seasons change, your home becomes appealing to a variety of insects, spiders and rodents. Your NATPC professional will consistently monitor the protective barrier to help prevent future pest entry. Regular outside treatments mean your life won’t be interrupted by pests or scheduling hassles.

NAHS’s guaranteed ESS service includes control of mice, rats, roaches, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, pill bugs, fleas, ticks, crickets, nesting wasps and most ants and spiders. In addition to our ESS service, NAHS also offers professional treatments for the following pests:

For a free general pest evaluation with no obligation, contact your local NAHS office.