Pest Control Sacramento: The Stored Food Pest

Pest Control Sacramento: The Stored Food Pest

Of all the pests we control in Sacramento, the stored food pest can seem the most straightforward. Most stored food pests hatch from eggs, feed on stored food in their larval stage, pupate, and emerge from their cocoons as adults. In the adult stage, they reproduce and start the whole cycle over.

The typical process for pest professionals is: identify the pest, have the customer find the food that is infested, and remove the infested food – then maybe a treatment in that area to help speed up the process of elimination. This can also incorporate pheromone traps to monitor target areas.

This works most of the time, but not all the time. Because of their small size, sometime harborage areas can be missed. Our pest control technicians are trained to look into areas other than just the pantry. They will look under the oven to see if there is any food that has fallen underneath and may be contributing to the problem. They will also inspect other potential area food might fall or accumulate that may be hidden from normal view.

This can often times make the difference in controlling stored food pests. And remember, always follow the recommendations our pest control technicians give. Customer cooperation is an important component.


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