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Professional Termite Control

There’s only one way to keep termites from building their home inside of yours and that is with professional termite control and monitoring. If termites are allowed to enter your home, they will cause chaos in your walls and floors, which can result in a potential loss of structural integrity. Here at Good Life Pest Solutions, we use bait stations to monitor for termite activity, which is an economical form of termite prevention.

How do bait stations work?

  • Contain poison that termites consume and share with their colony.
  • As the poison is shared, it begins eliminating the entire infestation.
  • This form of termite monitoring eradicates subterranean and drywood termites.

Rodent Control

It’s not difficult to tell if you have rodents invading your Lincoln property. These critters are distinguished by the waste and droppings they leave, or the damage they cause to your insulation. With our rodent control services, we can safely trap and remove these creatures, so they no longer cause damage to your home.

Thorough, Detailed & Professional

At Good Life Pest Solutions, we are known for our meticulous attention to detail with our pest control applications and methods. We evaluate the area of concern thoroughly and then build a custom-tailored program that will rid your home or business of these annoying insects and critters for good.

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