Is Your Attic Hot and Sweaty?

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As we head into the heat of summer it is a good time to evaluate an often overlooked but important part of your home, your roof ventilation system.

Not all roofing systems were designed or properly constructed to provide the optimum ventilation in your attic.  Many older homes have attic spaces which have been modified by renovations or the ventilation has been covered by new roofing, or added insulation.  New homes or old homes, poorly applied or modified ventilation may cause unexpected issues.

Check Your Attic

Check your attic.  This may require a ladder so be careful or hire a professional.  When you lift the attic hatch or open the door, do you feel you are suddenly in Arizona?  If the summer time temperature in your attic is 20 or more degrees higher than the temperature outside, you should consult with a roofing contractor.  Excessive heat in your attic may diminish the life of your exterior roofing material.  The heat cooks your shingles from underneath causing them to crack or curl.  Premature aging or failing of your shingles will result in expensive replacement.

The Greenhouse

Moisture in your attic can come from many sources.  Roof leaks and bathroom vents exhausting in the attic are a few. The Stack Effect, rising air in the home, will also carry moisture from daily living activities such as showers and cooking, into the attic, potentially creating an environment for mold and wood decay issues.

During the winter, moisture will also collect as frost on the underside of your roof, and when the sun warms the roof surface, the frost becomes rain in your attic causing water stains or potential mold issues.  Aside from fixing any leaks or properly venting the bath fan, proper roof ventilation will help remove moisture and excess heat in the attic.

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