Is there really a Pest Control Season?

Short answer is yes. The longer answer would be that it depends on the season you are talking about and how the previous season looked. Traditionally spring is the start of pest season. Just like the blooming of the flowers or the budding of blossoms on the trees, pests begin to hatch. Ants, earwigs, silverfish, roaches, crickets and gnats will invade your yards and homes. However, this isn’t the only “season” in our industry.

Yellow Jackets and wasps are more active in the fall while mice and rats are very active during the winter months. Yellow Jackets are distinguished by their signature black and yellow striping. Also known as meat bees, they are abnormally attracted to sweets during the fall months and are very aggressive. The most common wasp during the fall is the paper wasp. The honeycomb type nests you see under your eaves are the first sign of a problem. Although these wasps are very docile compared to yellow jackets they will sting to protect their nests.

Nesting is a common theme during the winter when little four legged creatures move into your home, sheds and play structures. Winter is most definitely rodent season. These little guys are looking for warmth and food and if they can find both it is very hard to get them to leave. Rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter while mice can fit through a hole the size of a dime! Small bits of paper, scampering in the attic at night and chewed up seed shells are a sign of rodent activity.

Rodent activity also has unforeseen consequences. Take for instance the winter of 2010. If you remember, it was especially wet and warm. These conditions caused rodent breeding to go through the roof…pun intended! As a result, the snake population skyrocketed that spring. The snakes had more food, which caused them to breed more. We were averaging 3 snake calls a week for a few months!

So as you can see, pest season is year round. This is why at NAHS, we inform our potential customers that a pest control maintenance plan is the best value for them. We cover everything, no matter the season.

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