Who needs a home inspection?

Are you a new homeowners who is  nearing the end of your one-year warranty with the builder? Are you a realtor or seller who is planning to list a property for sale? Then, contact North American Home Services for your upcoming home inspection.

Choosing the right home inspector is a critical decision in the home-buying process. Many people choose a home inspection service based solely on price. With NAHS you will not only receive a fair price, you will receive great value. NAHS performs thorough inspections.

An NAHS sample home inspection report can be viewed on this website to give you an idea of the depth of the inspection. Additionally, the inspectors are recognized by returning clients for their superior customer service approach. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable about the business, they are personable and take the time to verbally explain items on the report to his customers.

Proudly Serving the Sacramento Region for 25+ Years – Call 1-800-732-BUGS (2847).

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