Have Rodents? Hire a Professional for Pest Control in Sacramento

Pest control in Sacramento can be quite challenging. With the wet weather, people are spending more time indoors in the warmth and comfort of their homes. Similarly, during the cold and rainy season, rodents seek dry and warm lodgings, and human dwellings make prime real estate.

In addition, the river and many waterways and abundance of fruit and nut bearing trees, makes pest control in Sacramento, Roseville and the outlying areas more difficult. Sacramento suburbs have seen an increase in new construction which disturbs green belts and rodent harborage areas and drives rodents to seek new shelter. With all of these conducive conditions, how can we discourage or even prevent rodents from becoming free-loading roommates?

The best defense for homeowners is to hire a pest control professional to perform a pest inspection of the structure. A licensed pest control technician will look for entry points, access holes, openings where pipes and other protrusions enter the home, and a variety of other things. In addition, a pest control inspection should include the property and make recommendations to remove or alter conditions conducive to rodent activity such as wood piles, fruit trees or rotting fruit on the ground, dog food and dog food storage, and many such other conditions.

A pest control expert will also check for trees that are up against the structure or allowing access to the roof. Since rats can jump 3-4 feet, branches should be cut away from the house and roof.

After a thorough inspection, the technician should give you a bid for corrective measures to seal all opening and access points rodents can use to enter your home. However, sealing up all the opening is not enough. Pest professionals will also need to set traps to remove any rodents trapped in the structure.

The best course of action is to go on a regular pest control service which will protect your home from the most common invasive pests. Typically, service is performed on an every other month basis with a 100% guarantee, so if you have any pest issues between services, the pest control company will send your technician out at no charge.

Finally, price matters. Often the cheapest is not the best. The pest control industry, like other service industries, has many companies that will sell you a cheap service and give you a cheap service.

For a free general pest evaluation with no obligation, contact your local NAHS office.

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