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Your Backyard Rodent: Three Facts about Gophers

There are many pests and rodents that can invade your property, and one particularly destructive invader is the gopher. Good Life Pest Solutions is here to help keep your home pest-free with the many pest control services we offer. We have the experience and the resources to protect your home and lawn with our gopher control service. Here are three facts about gophers to help you understand the destruction they can cause.

Gopher control services

1. Gophers Dig Complex Tunnel Systems

Gophers are similar to moles and voles in that they dig complex tunnel systems underneath the ground where they can safely live from their natural predators. Their tunnels can range from 200 to 2,000 square feet, and they each serve different purposes for these animals. You will know that a gopher has been tunneling in your yard by the mounds of dirt that surface while they are digging. They will continue to live underground in these tunnels for as long as you let them.

2. Gophers Can Destroy the Vegetation on Your Property 

Gophers are another type of rodent, like mice, rats, and other small critters. They can be very destructive to your lawn and landscaping, causing damage to gardens, flower beds, and trees. They are active during the day and will eat vegetation as their main source of food. They might eat the tops of your plants but will focus mainly on eating the roots.

3. Gophers Can Live For a Few Years or More

The average lifespan of a gopher is one to three years, but there are some that can live up to seven years. Females can have one to three litters per year, with each litter consisting of five to six new gophers. They can stay alive in the network of tunnels they dig for their homes and fill them with food, to the detriment of your garden and landscaping.

How Good Life Pest Solutions Can Help You

Our pest control experts know how to safely and effectively get rid of gophers and, when possible, employ compassionate control methods for eradicating them. Here is what we will do:

  • Visit your property for a free evaluation of the gopher problem
  • Assess the entire area and decide which type of gopher repellent to use
  • Employ humane tactics when applicable by using live traps, barriers, and other methods
  • Use a combination of the best gopher repellent procedures to rid your property of these critters safely and effectively

Contact Us Today for a Free Evaluation

Good Life Pest Solutions believes in going above and beyond when applying gopher control or any other type of pest control methods to your home or business property. We will treat your home and property with respect at all times. Contact us at (800) 732-BUGS to request a free evaluation. We serve the entire Sacramento area and the surrounding cities.

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