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Don’t Let Ants Interfere With Your Spring Picnic Plans

Ants always seem so much more palatable in animated shows when they are charmingly stealing food from a picnic. The truth is, they are very aggravating pests that can quickly become unmanageable for those whose homes they invade. The team at Good Life Pest Solutions knows just how to eradicate these little picnic-invading pests for good.  Here are some ways that we can help you, as well as some measures you can take to prevent an outbreak of ants.

Ant control and extermination

Our Ant Extermination Methods

Good Life Pest Solutions understands exactly what needs to be done to rid your home of ants. Even though you may only see a few walking across your kitchen counter or on the floor, chances are there is a hidden colony somewhere close to your home. We follow three steps to eradicate your home of these tiny vermin permanently:

1. We identify the type of ant so we can employ the correct ant extermination method.

2. We locate the nest so we can accurately evaluate the size of the infestation.

3. We create a custom-tailored plan, based on the ants in your home and the size of the nest, that works best for your particular home. 

Tips For Preventing an Ant Outbreak

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prevent ants from returning to your home that will make it less desirable for them to stay. They are attracted to food so be sure and store all of your food securely and do not leave any pet food out in the open. They are also attracted to moisture, so you will want to repair any known water leaks. Lastly, be sure and sweep your floor daily so there is nothing there for them to be attracted to.

Request a Free Ant Evaluation

Good Life Pest Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with effective pest control solutions. In addition to our ant control services, we’ve been offering rodent control, bat control, pest control add-on services, and many other pest control solutions since 1978. Contact us at (800) 732-BUGS to request a free evaluation. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding counties, including Placer County, El Dorado County, and Yolo County.

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