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5 Things You Likely Don’t Know About Mice

It’s that time of the year when mice begin to make their way indoors, in search of food and shelter. Almost 15 million homes in the United States reported seeing mice in the last year alone. Good Life Pest Solutions can help ensure that your home doesn’t become a host to a growing family of mice this winter season. Here are five things you may not know about these invasive little creatures.

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1. Mice Will Eat Almost Anything

Most people probably could have guessed that and may have even experienced the evidence of tiny nibbles left behind. You might be surprised to learn that cheese isn’t at the top of their list of favorite foods. If you are setting traps, then it’s best to choose something that will really entice them, such as peanut butter or seeds. 

2. They Have Big Appetites

Mice eat a surprising amount of food, considering their small size. They eat 15-20 times a day and will build their homes near the food sources they find. That presents a lot of opportunities for them to forage through your kitchen. We will create a plan just for your home to put a stop to rodent feasts.

3. They Are Athletic Creatures

Mice are able to climb, jump, and swim. They can climb vertically and jump up to a foot into the air. This may explain how they always seem to get to your food, and why it’s not safe even on higher shelves. Mice can do just about anything to get to their next meal.

4. They Can Fit Through Cracks

We’ve just established that they can easily get where they want to go, and that includes tiny spaces. An adult mouse can fit through a crack or hole the size of a nickel. Many homes have nickel-sized entry point opportunities in their cabinets, drawers, and pantries. And mice could even chew through wood to create their own holes.

5. They Reproduce Fast

Most homes with evidence of a mouse don’t just have one mouse or even two mice. A mouse can have a litter of up to 10 babies as often as every 21 days. These fast-growing families could be seeking shelter and multiplying in your home before you even know it. It wouldn’t take long before you end up with a full-scale invasion.

Don’t Wait, Call Today

Mice are robust, determined little creatures, and can create quite a bit of damage. If you see any evidence of these pests in your home, then let the team at Good Life Pest Solutions take care of them once and for all with a custom-tailored service plan. Contact us at (800) 732-BUGS and request a free evaluation. We’ve been exterminating rodents throughout Sacramento and the surrounding areas since 1978.

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