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3 Reasons Why You Need To Rid Your Home Of Cockroaches

Have you had the misfortune of finding a cockroach in your home? Perhaps you didn’t think twice about spotting a solitary cockroach because they aren’t known for being quite as destructive as, say, termites. Good Life Pest Solutions understands why you should want to get rid of these pests, and has the expertise to help you do just that. Let’s take a look at three reasons you do not want these pests taking up residence in your home.

Cockroach extermination

1. They Are Hard to Kill

According to the CDC, cockroaches have “legendary” hardiness which makes them extremely difficult for homeowners to exterminate on their own. They have adapted themselves to living among humans, and are often drawn into homes unbeknownst to the homeowners. If you find yourself with an infestation then you will likely require professional cockroach extermination to completely take care of the problem.

2. They Are Germ Ridden

Cockroaches are known to carry Salmonella typhimurium, Entamoeba histolytica, and the poliomyelitis virus. They are also considered to be an asthma trigger, and they can produce a foul odor. These pests are not only a serious nuisance when they’ve infiltrated your home, but they can pose a health risk to you and your family. Good Life Pest Solutions has been ridding Sacramento homes of cockroaches since 1978, so we are well-equipped and experienced for the task.

3. They Reproduce Frequently

If you’ve seen one cockroach, there is likely already an infestation somewhere in your home or business. The lifespan of a cockroach is typically a year or more, and females can produce between 200-300 new cockroaches in that time. At Good Life Pest Solutions, we work hard to exterminate these arachnids as well as employ methods that keep them from entering your house in the first place. Our professional treatment is highly effective and safe for you and your family.

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If you see a cockroach in your home or business, then you can trust the cockroach exterminators at Goodlife Pest Solutions to take care of these pests. We have the expertise, education, and training necessary to eradicate them once and for all. Contact us at (800) 732-BUGS to request a free evaluation. We serve the entire Sacramento area and nearby cities, including Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Folsom, and Lincoln.

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