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3 of the Most Destructive Household Pests

Uninvited pests can elude the best efforts to keep them away, and wreak havoc on your dwelling. Good Life Pest Solutions is the leading choice for thorough and efficient pest control services, to prevent and eliminate common household pests. They are unwanted guests for many reasons, but some are more destructive than others. Here are three pests that you want to be sure and prevent or eliminate as quickly as possible if they do manage to make their way into your home.

Monitor termite activity in your home

1. Termites

These are considered to be the most destructive pests found inside a home due to their wood-eating ways, which can harm the structural integrity of your home. Not only can they be difficult to detect, but they can cause thousands of dollars in damage before you even realize they are there. You can prevent this devastation with termite monitoring services before it becomes a costly problem.

2. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate from your home. They carry diseases and can cause damage to furniture and other materials within your home. They are also a robust pest that can live up to six months without food, and double their population every 16 days. At Good Life Pest Solutions, we engage four types of bed bug treatments depending on your individual situation.

3. Carpenter Ants

Like termites, these annoying pests are also an enemy of wood and can cause expensive damage in a home. It’s safe to say that no type of ant is welcome in your home, though. We will identify the type of ant, and then determine the appropriate ant extermination method to expel the ants from your home.

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