Bed Bugageddon! Bed Bug Treatments in Sacramento on the Rise

Until recently, bed bug infestations were thought to be associated with dilapidated and crowded dwellings. Recently, however, bed bugs have undergone a resurgence and can be found in the nicest of hotels, sleeping accommodations, and even residences. Not only the bay area but Sacramento and outlying areas like Roseville have experienced this bed bug population boom, and unfortunately, your average home or property owner cannot control this pest without professional help.

Bedbugs prefer feeding on humans. They typically feed at night, and most people do not feel the bite. Only some people may show a reaction to bites – inflamed spots that may be painful and itchy but not always. Never try to identify bed bug infestations from looking at the bite alone.

A thorough inspection is necessary and the most effective way to find harborage areas, and a pest control professional should perform the inspection. In addition to small droppings containing blood from the bites, the bugs leave small droppings containing blood that are colored either brown, yellow, or black. Sheets may show tiny blood spots, and molted skin may be found in cracks and crevices of the bed frame. Contaminated clothing can bring the bugs into dressers, suitcases, laundry hampers, furniture, etc.

Because bed bugs are a growing concern in areas like Sacramento, bed bug treatment should always be handled by a pest control technician, like North American Home Services. A variety of monitoring devices, mechanical devices, and treatments are available for licensed individuals and follow-ups are a must. Also, homeowner and occupant participation is a must. Your pest professional should be able to give guidance on such matters.

Reinfestations are always a concern and usually a result of the homeowner or occupant introducing infested items back into the home. Always listen to your pest control professional and follow the preparation and after treatment instructions.

If you live in areas like the bay area, Sacramento, or Roseville and travel or stay in hotels, it is always good to have a pest control professional do an inspection on the home and perform any treatments and control measures needed. Never try to deal with the problem alone.

Finally, because bed bug treatments are quite extensive and require follow-ups, they can be pricy. Often the cheapest is not the best. The pest control industry, like other service industries, has many companies that will sell you a cheap service and give you a cheap service.

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