Bat Control Services in Sacramento

If you’ve tried to eliminate bats from your property but have had little to no results, call the team at Good Life Pest Solutions. We offer bat removal solutions throughout Sacramento and all nearby communities for both residential and business properties. Request your free evaluation today by calling our friendly office at (916)-481-0278.

Why Bats Are Dangerous

Bats often make their homes in man-made structures such as attics, chimneys, and barns or along the structure’s roofline coping and under its roof tiles. The more bats you have infiltrating your home, the more damage they can cause. Droppings and urine from bats can corrode the structure of your home or business, and in large numbers, they can result in complete roof collapse. Bat droppings can also harbor fungal spores that can lead to a lung disease known as histoplasmosis. Finally, bats can potentially expose and transmit rabies.

Effective Bat Control Solutions in Sacramento

Our bat exterminators in Sacramento utilize a comprehensive approach to removing these flying creatures from your Sacramento home or business. We follow the three steps below to both remove and prevent bats from re-entering your property.

Clean and sanitize the area against bacteria that is present in bat urine and feces.

Employ one-way exit installations that safely allow these pests to exit your structure without the ability to re-enter.

Perform exclusion repairs by sealing any possible entry points with approved materials that are guaranteed to last at least two years.

Professional & Efficient Pest Control Solutions

Not only do our pest control experts know how to get rid of bats effectively, but they are also trained in how to exterminate and remove a multitude of different types of vermin, insects, and arachnids. By employing a variety of removal, control, and preventative measures, your Sacramento home will be pest-free with the expert services from Good Life Pest Solutions:


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If you have bats roosting in your attic, roof, or chimney, call us at (916)-481-0278 to request a free evaluation. Since 1978, we’ve been serving Sacramento and the surrounding cities including Elk GroveFolsomAuburn, and Rocklin, along with the surrounding counties including Placer CountyEl Dorado County, and Yolo County.