Attic Insulation Services in Sacramento

Since 1978, Good Life Pest Solutions has proudly served as one of the premier attic insulation service providers in Sacramento, CA.

We are a local, family-owned and operated small business with high standards for both quality work and strong customer service. Request a free evaluation by calling (800) 732-BUGS.

Your Attic Is Key To Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

As full-service attic insulation repair providers, Good Life Pest Solutions is happy to offer our services to both residential and commercial customers.

Our goal is to offer our clients the best possible service when it comes to attic clean-up and insulation replacement.

We provide our pest control technicians with up-to-date training and education so that they approach each and every home with the best possible skills and care so that you can enjoy your home with a pest-free and well-insulated attic.

Attic Insulation Repair & Replacement

Our attic insulation repair services in Sacramento include: spray-in-place insulation, closed cell and open cell, all
borate stabilized cellulose, spray-in-place, blow-in, drill and fill, dense pack, denim batts, & more.

  • Attic rodent cleanup and proofing
  • Attic insulation removal
  • Attic decontamination services
  • Old insulation removal
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Blown-in fiberglass insulation
  • Attic repairs from dry rot
  • Insulation installation
  • Attic insulation replacement
  • Attic sanitization
  • Upgrading existing attic insulation
  • Fiberglass bat insulation
  • Attic insulation cleanup
  • Attic repairs from rodent damage

Residential Services

Good Life Pest Solutions provides a combination of attic insulation removal and replacement services, linking pest control with attic insulation, to streamline the effort of comfort and safe living within your home.

Pest and rodent-free, with new insulation in your attic, you can finally live and sleep in peace.

 Commercial Services

Our products are installed by specially trained technicians who understand the role they play in bringing a building to proper efficiency. Once we have cleared the attic in your building of rodents, we will install new insulation that fits your building code and requirements.

Sacramento’s #1 Choice For Attic Insulation Services

At Good Life Pest Solutions, we stand by the attic insulation services we provide and strive to bring you the best quality pest control service in Sacramento, CA. We recommend and perform attic insulation replacement once the attic has been found to have a rodent issue. Not only will it improve the home's energy performance, but it will ensure that your home is protected from more damage and possible contamination exposure.

Call (800) 732-BUGS to learn more about our attic insulation services in Sacramento. You can also request a free evaluation when you call. Our highly trained technicians deliver several other pest control services including ant control, bed bug control, bird control, cockroach extermination, and spider control. We serve Sacramento and the nearby cities including RosevilleRancho Cordova, and Folsom, as well as the surrounding counties of Placer CountyYolo County, and beyond.

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