Are termite inspectors only looking for termites?

Termite Inspector Sacramento RosevilleIn the world of Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspections there are many variables. To answer the above question- maybe. There are a few different types of inspections that a WDO Inspection company can perform. At North American Home Services (NAHS) we specialize in WDO inspections for the real estate transaction. Before getting to deep into that first let’s look at the types in inspections:

  1. Original Inspection- This is a thorough inspection that will identify all WDO’s (termites, beetles and also dry rot and or conducive conditions). Only a complete original inspection is acceptable for real estate purposes (when the contract calls for such).
  2. Limited Inspection- These inspections are limited to a specific area of a property (i.e. the substructure) or to a specific WDO (i.e. termites). The most frequent use of a limited inspection is in the pest control sector of our industry. Often a pest control company will off a “free termite inspection.” This inspection will be labeled that it is a “limited inspection” and that the report only refers to the findings contained in the report (any omissions or items not included in the report will not be liable to anything more than that.
  3. Supplemental Report- A supplemental report is issues when items that weren’t viewable at the time of the original inspection (i.e. when someone moves or when repairs are being performed).
  4. Re-Inspection- A re-inspection report is issued when repairs have been completed and the property needs a certification (typically required by lending sources).

As you can see, answering the question “Are termite inspectors only looking for termites?” can have a few different answers. In the case of a real estate, no. If you are a pest control customer of a company then yes. It all depends on what inspection type you are receiving.

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