Ants are amongst the most successful insects in Sacramento and the world. Proper procedures for ant control in and around homes or other buildings depend greatly on the species of ant involved, the extent and the nature of the infestation, and the location of the nest(s) used by the infesting species. Proper identification of the ant species will help determine where to begin the search for the source and to understand whether it is likely there are multiple nests for separate colonies or satellite colonies for a single colony.

Many homeowners may seek to treat such matters themselves by purchasing Raid or other forms of over-the-counter insect sprays. This can actually make the problem worse. Ant control in cities like Sacramento takes more than just treating the ants you see. Colonies often will only send out as much as 10% or less of the colony population to forage for food and water sources. These are often the oldest ants. While treating them directly will kill the ones you see, it will not affect the nest.

Spraying products like Raid can often act as a repellent and may sometimes split a colony into two colonies. This can cause ants to pop up in other areas of the home and make control worse. This is why hiring a pest control professional in Sacramento can be important.

Also, different types of ants have different behaviors and differing food preferences which can also change depending on the season. This is why identification is so vital to allow for proper control. Professionals have different baiting materials as well as materials designed to control social insects like the ant, and cities like Sacramento can have many competing species of ants. The nice thing about ants is they fit well into a regular alternate monthly maintenance service.

Finally, price matters. Often the cheapest is not the best. The pest control industry, like other service industries, has many companies that will sell you a cheap service and give you a cheap service as well.

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