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Specialized Pest Control Solutions

Our goal at Good Life Pest Solutions is to protect homeowners and business owners with our detailed and thorough pest control services. We approach each pest control visit as if we were treating our own house or commercial building ̶ with the utmost of professionalism, care, and respect. Our top-notch exterminators will do all it takes to remove those unwanted vermin and insects efficiently and expertly, leaving you with a pest-free property.

  • Ant control: Keeps ants from infiltrating your kitchen and home.
  • Bed bug control: Targets these critters with insecticides to completely exterminate them.
  • Bird control: Safely removes birds from your attic, roof, or chimney.
  • Cockroach extermination: Eliminates any infestations and prevents them from returning.
  • Rodent control: Keeps mice and rats from infiltrating your home or business.
  • Spider control: Eliminates all types of spiders along with their webs and eggs.
  • Bat control: Applies exclusion methods to humanely remove bats and seal their entry points.
  • Attic Insulation Services: Eliminates infestations and increases your homes energy efficiency.

Knowledgeable & Experienced Technicians

  • Go above and beyond by treating your home or business like it’s ours.
  • Dedicated to providing effective solutions.
  • All crews are certified and highly trained.
  • Family owned and operated and in business since 1978.
  • Member of the Pest Control Operators of California association.

Serving Sacramento Homeowners & Businesses Since 1978

Good Life Pest Solutions is ready and willing to help you with your pest, rodent, or vermin problem. Call us at (916)-481-0278 to request your free evaluation. Along with serving the Sacramento community, we also serve the surrounding cities including Rocklin, West Sacramento, Folsom, and Elk Grove, as well as the surrounding counties including El Dorado County and Sacramento County.