7 Things to Know Prior to Hiring your Pest Control Company

7 Things to Know Prior to Hiring your Pest Control Company in Sacramento

  1. Is their company registered with the Structural Pest Control Board?

To operate legally in California, a Pest Control Company that provides services to structures must be licensed with them. You can go to their website and see if there are any violations against the company or the company’s license holder.

  1. Are The Technician’s Licensed with the Structural Pest Control Board?

Because the Structural Pest Control Board is the governing body of the pest control industry, anyone practicing pest control on or around man-made structures must have a license. Licensing requires background checks and passing written exams. Go to www.pestboard.ca.gov for more information.

  1. Has the Company Operated More Than a Decade?

This is important for several reasons. One, a company in business for a long time has history. Contact organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, the States Departments of Agriculture, or the States Attorney General’s Office, or the EPA to determine if complaints have been filed against the company or its applicators for misusing pesticides.

Two, some companies go into business only to grow large enough to sell their customers to the larger companies. If the company has been operating long enough, they have proven not to be one of these companies.

  1. Is the Company Just the Right Size?

Often times, the larger companies are too large to focus their attention on their customers. Customers become just numbers. Companies too small may not have the resources to always handle your problems in a timely matter. A goldilocks just right approach is often a good rule of thumb. This usually means a single office with maybe 5-10 routes.

  1. Are They a Member of the Pest Control Operators of California?

The Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) is the trade association for the pest industry in California. Their main goal is to raise the standard of pest control and to hold companies accountable to higher practices while being stewards of the environment. Companies that are members of this association are typically of a higher caliber.

  1. Do the Technicians Undergo Weekly Training?

Frequent training helps increase the level of competency of the technicians allowing you to receive a higher level of service. Investing in their employees’ education also shows a company is dedicated to improving their service and taking care of their customers.

  1. Check Google and Yelp Reviews.

You want to check for two things when looking at reviews. One, do they have very many. A small number of reviews do not give you enough to give credibility.

Two, you do not want to see all perfect 5 star reviews. Only perfect reviews show a company is probably using a system or company that only allows perfect scores. This does not give a true view of a pest control company’s customer service ability.

You want to see that a company has some 1 and 2 star reviews. No company can make all their customers’ happy, and the reviews should reflect that. Some bad reviews show that a company is really putting themselves out there. However, if a company has an overall review of 3 stars or less, you may want to consider another pest control company.

North American Home Services has been providing pest control services to the greater Sacramento region for over 38 years.  Each year, we complete thousands of services on residential and commercial buildings in Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo and Solano counties.  Our pest control staff is highly regarded, qualified and licensed by the California State.  North American Home Services is a proud member in good standing of the Pest Control Operators of California.

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  1. Ashley Maxwell

    I like how you said that a pest control company should be licensed. I like how you said that they should also have positive reviews from past clients. My husband and I are looking into pest removal services to get rid of some cockroaches in our attic.

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